Cause and effect. As you read these sentences, constructed of words, in turn constructed of letters ( How arbitrary is the linear shape of an “a”? ), you the reader is engaged in a conscious internal dialogue.
Most human built forms reflect an awareness of the options for construction. Two dimensional art reflects this awareness in a myriad of formats. Each format or style creates a response,... a response that may initiate further observation and consideration. An open minded approach often yields positive returns.

Mimesis has long been a component of the Western art making process. With the invent of photography, suddenly a process for making a visual record more precise than any human hand could create, was available to almost anyone. The door that swung open for approaches to visual construction was wide.

However, the concept in your mind's eye of an “apple” is most likely as crisp and concise as any photo or painting,... yet, you can eat neither.
Realize,... there is no substitute for the reality you live in. This does not imply that human built forms, expressing thoughts and ideas ( Energies, beyond even linguistic constructions; reflect on how often you use words, even unspoken to gain a sense of balance. ) are not of merit. Art is a tangible construct of the mind's wonderful complexity,... our ability to present for consideration a view of what it means to be alive.
In regard to the art works,... an expression of the human touch and psyche. Using brushstrokes that vary from washes to impastos, I strive to let the qualities of the human hand and movement be visibly apparent. With both fluid and oblique passages, an arrangement that conveys tangentially traditional mannerisms and expressive intuitiveness. Each art work is created,... entered into with a level of emotional and intellectual flexibility, I consciously strive to not become to formulaic with my working process. Ardently, I believe painting is a means for the human soul to speak passionately and clearly.

May the path you walk down, be rich with life's wonders.

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